Mayday One Month On

What affect has the ‘Mayday’ change to Google’s Algorithm had to your Longtail SEO campaign?

For the uninitiated, and I am sure there are many, I will just explain what I mean by ‘Mayday’. At the end of April / beginning of May Google made a ‘slight’ change to its algorithm. This change mainly affects Longtail searches.

Why is this important?

Longtail SEO is all about conversion. Your potential customers won’t all type in exactly the same query into Google because they are individuals and have their own wants and needs to be addressed. They will more than likely type in a collection of words that answer this particular concern of theirs than your carefully considered and chosen keyword. (Sorry, guys this is just the way it is) Anyway, to get to the point here, Longtail is where it’s at – it can be difficult to achieve as well as tough to measure, but the rewards are oh-so-sweet.

Longtail will be where the bulk of your sales and qualified traffic is coming from. You can determine this by looking at your analytics, I imagine your analytics show that you get a lot of visits from your main keyword, and then even more visits from a whole host of random searches that people have typed into Google. You will probably find through setting up goals, funnels and ecommerce analytics that you actually get more sales from these leads than your main keyword. (though don’t cancel your main keyword – that’s highly useful too!)

How do I achieve Longtail SEO?

Hm… If you’re lazy, give up now.

Longtail SEO is a long term solution. It takes time. It takes a lot of maintenance. It takes patience. Above all it takes hard work.

Personally, I fully endorse the ideas behind longtail SEO, by targeting the longtail you are basically following all the basic rules to achieve a useful and worthwhile website. In my opinion, if you can’t provide something of use to others, then you should get out of the game and go play something else! The internet is a great resource for information. You are supposed to be an expert in your field (whatever this may be), therefore, share your knowledge.

Paul Arden says something like ‘share all you have and more will come to you’ I paraphrase here because I left the book at home, but this quote is either from ‘It’s not how Good you are, its how good you want to be’ or ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’. Basically – if you want to receive, you have to give.

Get back on track! – what’s this got to do with Mayday

Well, Mayday is an algorithmic change that affects the longtail searches. It is not a manual change and certainly isn’t intended to be temporary.

If your site has been affected by this change what should you do?

Well, simply put, yo need to invest your time and efforts into building your site up with great content that is useful and informative for your target users. Become an authority in your field.

This seems such a simple thing to do, but its not. As stated above, the lazy need not apply, longtail is hard work! It requires dedication, and the kind of forward thinking and strategy that many people don’t have much time for. I think this is one of the reasons that makes it so valuable, those that can be bothered with it will reap rewards that others can only dream of.

SEO News and Techniques

Google has lifted the veil, a little bit, on the changes set to take place with the implementation of its update on search technology called “Google Caffeine”. The secret project is the next generation for web search which will mostly affect its indexing processes. Caffeine is likely to change search results to an extent and could ultimately lead toward the holy grail of real time search. In total, it will a more powerful version of what Google offers today emphasizing improvements in “…size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and other dimensions,” according to Google.

Taking a look at each focus area and anticipating the changes in each is, at best, an imprecise venture but here are some thoughts on where they might be headed with the rollout of Caffeine:

1) Size – Caffeine will allow for their spiders to crawl more of everything; sites, pages on the sites, blogs etc.

2) Indexing speed – With fresh content garnering more importance with search engines everyday and the sheer amount of it that hits the web on a minute-to-minute basis, Caffeine will allow for faster indexing of fresh content to keep results up to date with news, articles, and information. What that means for search engine optimized content is that pages will be picked up and rewarded faster than in the past. While it may not provide immediate gratification, the importance of adding consistently fresh content will be even greater as Caffeine rolls out and indexing gets even faster.

3) Accuracy – The parameters for the relevance of keywords and phrases as they fit into the content on web pages will become much tighter. It’s likely that Google’s interest will go far beyond traffic that goes to a site and will give much more weight to what visitors do when they arrive. Visitors that bounce off of sites quickly will provide indications that keywords are not tightly linked to page content. How quick bounces will be “scored” by Caffeine is likely to remain unknown but they won’t help. More than ever, sites will need to be optimized making sure that keywords and content relate to each other to keep visitors on the pages of the site.

4) Comprehensiveness – Going hand in hand with accuracy, Google will continue to rank sites that do a great job in conveying their authority in the niche they cover. Again, the emphasis is on the consistent addition pages with new keyword-relevant content. Google is likely to stick to its wheelhouse of big websites with tons of information that have been around for awhile.

At the end of the day, the “to do” list that will work for Caffeine is not substantially different than what is working now. If a “best practices” methodology is already in use, an SEO company won’t have to make drastic changes to adapt to Google’s evolution. In setting up their new algorithm, however, Google will force websites to deliver a better user experience which, ultimately, will improve the performance of those sites where their SEO services are paying attention.

How to Find the Latest SEO News

Well its easy enough to find the answers to these questions. All you have to do is type in ‘search engine news’ into Google and you will find a lot of websites run by experts in this field who are putting all the information together for the people involved in this business. One of the options to go for in order to find relevant information about search engines is a website called ‘’ as it’s actually a very informative website.

You will find vital information regarding search engines including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft live, ASK and many more. Moreover, you also be able to find much information about marketing and search going on in this field in that particular time of the year. So, this is a kind of reporting website for information regarding search engines. Another favourite website among SEO is ‘SE round’ and it is also used by lots of Internet users. It provides lot of information and brings up topics and establishes discussions, where they transfer a lot of great information about what’s happening in the market and search at this point of time. You can go there and get feedback about your related searches.

I highly recommend going to the forums, talk to the people and ask for any question in your minds and exchange information. So, when updates come through or any algorithms changes or page rank change you will be well aware of. This is kind of good reporting website from information source and is really a great search engine marketers in the field. Another site I want to highlight is search engine Journal and you’ll find a lot of great things in this website such as SEO tutorials and it also has SEO clinic where experienced people are providing free services twice a month, if you are encountered any problem.

There is also news based website, where they have lot of information of your interest. You will also found opinions of expert people regarding your queries on this website. Moreover, you will find new tools and methods introducing into arena of SEO. If you are interested in looking and finding heavier reading then consult ‘SEO by the sea’. In this website you will find deep analysis on different algorithms and ranking patterns applied by Google, Yahoo, window live and many other search engines. If you are SEO then I highly recommend this site for you to check out this website.

These are all important websites, you should figure out. You would be able to find what’s happening in search; what’s happening in search engines right now and how it relates to you to get the high-ranking search engines.

To Track Search Engine Optimization Activities

Optimizing your website so as to gain huge traffic continuously, needs much amount of your time and effort. It can not be achieved in a quick time. It requires proper planning in finding out the best possible ways to attract visitors to your website. If you fail to optimize our website more often, then the result will not be much advantageous for you.

It’s always better to update ourselves with the latest SEO news available. Every now and then, a better technique evolves which proves very much beneficial in making your website search engine optimized. Digging dip into the information available on the current SEO news and applying the same for your website can prove better for your website. You can find conflicting ideas at times but importantly you will be able to absorb lots of knowledge on the latest SEO news.

In order to make a website perfectly search engine optimized, it is advised to follow an easy design with a standard homepage along with easily viewable site index. By this way, search engines and people will be able to find your website easily.

The keywords selected for using in the website also decides whether the website will achieve to gain higher rankings in the various search engines or not. Now days, the suitable keywords for your particular website is easily available either for free or by spending a small amount. Often, it’s also becomes easy to find out the proper keywords on your own.

The deciding factor in making a website search engine friendly is its contents along with proper usage of keywords. A website rich in contents can prove very much handy. The usages of keywords in a particular content of the website need to be within limit. Else, these websites can be even banned by the various search engines or can be ignored by the many visitors visiting the websites.

Summarizing the above facts, it can be said that in order to get noticed by the major search engines, it’s vital to apply the basic SEO tips and techniques. The desired result will depend on how you will be able to make your website search engine friendly. Get learned about the various SEO news regularly and try to implement in your own website effectively which will definitely prove boon for your website.

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Where to Find the Latest Information

With any undertaking, you should be as informed as possible so you receive the most from your efforts. Your internet business success is highly dependent on SEO, so you should stay abreast of current trends in order to utilize every advantage in keeping your business brand on the forefront and ranked highly.

At the same time you are attempting to be at the head of the pack, you want to be sure that you get your advice from the right camps and only use information that applies to your specific situation. For this reason, you should be careful regarding what sources you use to get your search engine news.

One of the primary reasons for keeping up-to-date with SEO news is so you understand the place that government holds in the use of the internet. Although you may be able to do little to change legislation on some matters, you can at least make your opinions known and seek support from others in the community. Government influence poses to make radical changes in the way people do business online.

Who Are the SEO News Authorities?

SEO By The Sea – This website keeps you informed of patents and provides timely articles on the best ways to use SEO to your advantage. A weekly stop for your edification is a good practice in your SEO strategies.

SEJ – Search Engine Journal has a great group of writers spread over a large geographical area. You can expect to find timely and informative search engine news on almost any topic relating to the way you conduct search engine marketing.

Search Engine Roundtable – A visit to the Roundtable is a good opportunity to hear from those who are specialists in the field of SEO, and is most always more informative than just comments from one or two authorities giving advice. Only those who have value-based information and experience within the system are invited to contribute search engine news.

Search Engine Land – This is a forum for those who have questions and comments concerning current and future SEO news. Founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, the website has a good following and is very representative of the interests and concerns of the internet business community.

You may not always find something informative or important from each of these SEO news sites, but they are important to frequent because of the input they receive from so many others who are working toward the same goals you are. The internet and search engines are constantly changing, so staying abreast of new developments is essential for your business success.